Prague- the city of towers

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Do you often find yourself to pondering about escaping from this world filled with modernization, stress and ignorance? Are you looking for some retreat?


In the middle of Europe, almost in the centre, is situated one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have visited only few beautiful cities in Europe. One of them which impressed me is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. At first I visited Prague two years ago. I stayed there for two months. During this time I had a summer job. I had a chance to know Prague. This incredible city is the combination of history, culture and modern life.

Prague lies in the west of the Czech Republic. Through Prague flows the Vltava river which makes the atmosphere and scenery more beautiful and attractive for tourists. The capital of the Czech Republic has a heritage of long history. Thanks to convenient historical circumstances, the whole city is rich in historical monuments and buildings. In addition, the whole city is well organized and well-built. You can find everything including rich nature consisting of trees, rivers, modern buildings and parks. In addition, Prague is a multicultural city covered with tourists from all over the world. You can interact with foreigners and make your visit more interesting.

When you enter Prague you will find yourself in the mixture of different feelings. You start to discover the city from the furthest part to the center. Each part of Prague invokes different tastes, smells and feelings. Prague is the city where foreign countries are represented with many tourists.

During the summer you can recognize the unique combination of foreign languages spreading through streets of Prague. What makes Prague so extraordinary is the fact that in the 21st century the rich history had won above the modern area of urbanization and sprawl of skyscrapers and still remains.

As I mentioned, Prague is rich in historical monuments. It should be a sin to not visit the treasure of Prague. By the treasure I mean the Charles´ bridge, the Prague´s castle, Vaclav´s square and other historical monuments. These monuments are the most known for a majority of people. But there are countless monuments .It´s hard to describe the historical heritage of Prague. When you walk through the Charles´ bridge you will feel the essence of the past in the air. This will transport you from everyday´s busy life for a while. It will bring you moments of peace and release from stress. If you visit the Prague Castle you will see an influence of this area on the surroundings covered with beautiful gardens. The castle makes this area incredibly beautiful and tempting for everybody. This area will offer you air fulfilled with the presence of royal family. This expedition will give you a chance to see how It looks in fairytales. How amazing is this for ordinary visitors. Nothing can be compared to this. Maybe you heard that Prague is the city of hundred towers.

If you like spending evenings in restaurants, you should visit the center of Prague. Especially, Vaclav´s square which is covered with many restaurants. There you can find many kinds of cuisine. When you pass streets, you will hear a mix of languages and gossip and smell delicious tastes.

If you are interested at night life, Prague offers enough possibilities for you to decide how to spare your time at night. You can go for a walk with your friends and taste the unique atmosphere of Prague at night. I recommend it to you. You will feel very magical emotions. It may seem as if you come to another world.

So don´t waste your time with deciding a destination which you would like to visit. Don´t hesitate and get ready for this kind of adventure.


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