A Christmas story

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Once a year, on 24th December in whole world is celebrated very unique and significant feast called Christmas. Everybody celebrates this event with family, those who often aren´t at home during year return home to celebrate this special event with the closest. Generally thanks to a peaceful atmosphere of Christmas it became the most favorite and binding celebration.


Personally I think that almost everyone knows well the history of this event which started 2010 years ago. It is connected with very important religious event. As children we were listening the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in the stable between animals. So there is the question : ´´ Why we celebrate Christmas ?´´ ´´ Whole population celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ,´´ is the answer.

Now I am walking through streets of our city and pondering about the magic of Christmas which seizes over me every year in the winter. I am passing through the street covered with piles of beautiful, clear and white snow and snowmen, too. In front of beautifully decorated house is a small imitation of house from ginger bread. My grandma used to tell me stories about the North Pole. I will never forget her description of this polar region. I pretend the North Pole as the home of Santa Claus. Grandma said , that in the middle of the North pole is Santa´ s house with Christmas decoration. In the easy reach of house are reindeers which are well – occupied in the stable. They are ready for journey on 24th December in which they will participate as engine for Santa´s sledge.

In city square group of young folks is performing the scene with theme of the North pole. A massive, red-dressed guy is singing and shouting : ´´ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . ´´

In the air I feel the approaching atmosphere of Christmas. In square are many stands which offer variety of traditional food, drink and gifts as well. I am not able to resist to the Christmas punch. Unfortunately the weather is not so pleasant as this punch. I really regret two men who are carrying X- mas tree in blizzard. In the noon many couples are gathering in the city park , where is plenty of mistleloaf trees. Gathering under mistleloaf, is tradition which couples use to practice as the symbol of their love. I noticed one couple kissing under mistleloaf two hour ago. Apart of these couples I saw also man and woman who were exchanging their Christmas hats, drinking the Christmas punch and laughing . After very pleasant walk through whole city I think I should buy one more gift for my family. I think the best option for buying gifts is the shopping center at the end of square. In the front of shopping center is beautiful Christmas scene consisting from Santa Claus sitting on motorbike. Indoor of the shopping center is also present the Christmas atmosphere. Santa Claus is in the center of the first floor with his sledge and reindeers. He is there for children who tell him what they want for Christmas. ´´ I wanna a doll and stuffed monkey with ribbon, ´´ cries a little blond girl. A huge man dressed for Santa Claus is smiling and asking mother of the blond girl : ´´ Did she obey whole year?´´

After that I bought a book for my mum and decided to return home. Today is 23th December . One day before Chirsmtas. My mum is finishing all preparations. In the evening whole family is sitting at a dinner table. Altogether we are satisfied with drinking of our wine which grandpa made ten year ago. This wine we drink for special event and this event is definitely very unique and special.


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