Today´s quest for physical beauty is a trap , not a value

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Nowadays in the 21 century we´re facing up to the world where people prefer and appreciate human futility, mask and falsehood instead of real priceless values which are everlasting and unchangable. Our world is crowded with people who are willing to close their eyes before the truth which stem from the understanding of real values and their senses.

Unnatural beauty versus natural beautyUnnatural beauty versus natural beauty


Actually , since the deepest history of human civilizations when the mankind could see, hear and taste surrounding nature people avoided from the direct contact with the truth which could enable them is flee from the shadows of misunderstanding and reveal things not so imcomprehensible but on the contrary so unambiguous, that could have given them a new direction.Why? Maybe it was a kind of fear from something new. Nothing changed. Honestly conditions are more convenient for endless lies. The main cause of our problems is that people don´t attempt to sail into their inner selves and ponder about things more carefully. They only obey their instincts and opinions. They refuse to waste time reflecting on what is valuable and worthless. This brings to us many questions which often are ambiguous. In this case we can notice human naivity. Unfortunately we live in the world where people prefer the truth which can be tested by physical evidances. It´s kind of empirical theory. The topic today´s quest for physical beauty is a trap, not a value gives us an example where we compare physical appearance and character. These two part of humans are indivisible, but on the other hand, they are incompatible. Many people are kind of pragmatic and they look at things from the point of view of usage and don´t use their own opinions and convictions. Mainly they are interested in things which can be proven by our senses. It´s kind of pragmatics. In spite of the fact that people are the most inteligent creatures in the world they often resort to obeying own impressions, senses and are possessed by visual appearances instead of taking time to ponder about real essencies. From the beginning people have been material and greedy. On the one hand ,people are able to recognize real values, what is right and wrong, but on the other hand, they haven´t strong will and courage to reveal things and look at them from right perspective. As we know already first philosophers from Ancient Greece observed that real values are hidden in the truth which we can reveal with our reason. They pointed that we can discover real values only in our mind and not by our senses which can be very deceitful. However in spite of these valuable acknowledgments, we often find us in a kind of trap. This trap is very tempting. But this trap has a very short lifetime. It´s very useless and inconvenient for us to obey only our senses and omit participation of our mind. In comparison, in the past the physical beauty was very valuable and was placed on the top of values. In my opinion whole society has a big influence on the understanding of people. People are mainly influenced by what is valuable for most people. But it´s not worth pointing at who or what bears the guilt. I can´t absolutely admit that in spite of the fact that everyone was acquainted with treachery of physical beauty, everyone is able to resist. In spite of many warnings some of us often don´t know how to use sense instead of desires. Paradox is that people understand that physical beauty is wretched trap which trying to catch gullible people. This trap is very tempting. On the other hand, there exist people who also after acquisition with this trap are willing to continue in selfdelusion, which brings next lies. We understand that physical beauty is from beginning, but each of us build own values in different way. This problem stems from weakness of human character which very easily resorts to the world which is full of the falsehood . Generally falsehood tries to hide the truth which reveal things .These things are hidden under surface. People try to hide them before others. So long as it is possible. The reasons for this false game are various.We live in the world where on the top of values of society are things such as fame , money and success. Not everyone is able to fullfil these „values“. Of course not everyone appreciate these false and worthless values, but these things influence everyday´s life of whole society. The reason is simple we are people who are social and live in company of people instead of being alone and lonely. Things which are closely connected with physical beauty (such as mentioned fame, money and success) are changable and not eternal. Their value either increases or decreases. Everyone can find in the depth of his soul a little desire for veneration, success , fame and money, too. It can sound too materialistic but honestly we are just human creatures who have many weaknesses-many kinds of desires. Physical beauty is a kind of curtain which protects or hides real performance which undoubtedly will show in the near future. The question on everone´s lips is why we let this trap to possess us so much? If we asked this question couple of people we would find many various answers. However, in principle respondent´s causes will be very similar.We often prefer easier resolution instead of those which are not so convenient for us. Our physical beauty is a trap, maybe a kind of our dreams, but as every dream will end, our trap will show off. Neverthless, we always find as we are going to sail this trap which builds a kind of invisible wall between life of truth with real values which will remains more as only couple of months or two years and life of doubts, falsehood and lies. Fortunately, we will finally reveal this trap but sometimes it´s to late. Because human character can be so much damaged that it is not able to distinguish real values. There is other point to be notice, that this physical beauty is able to buy or sold but real values are priceless. We indeed live in the world which produces young girls who want to become models and boys who want to be the best sportsmen. Why? It´s the most appealing and appreciated by our society. Unfortunately.

Only one resolution exists. Everyone must find real sense of his own life, distinguish between what real values are and understand their meaning. In addition to finding out what we indeed expect from life. At the end to recognize what is worth our efforts and time.


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